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Welcome to the Watson Family Tree. There are several branches we know about with the Watson family: Gorham, Amrhine, Arnold, Burrell, Townsend, Trumbull to name a few.

Our oldest Watson relatives we have found so far are (George) Walter (George went by the name Walter legally) & Rebecca Townsend Watson.

Rebecca & Walter Watson


Walter and Rebecca were both born in 1808 in New York.  They married in 1826 (New York) and moved to Michigan in the early 1830's.  They had nine children; Lucetta, Marietta, Jane, Laura, Lewis, Ann, Harriet, George and Joseph.  Click here to view the Watson children branches.

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Robert N. & Sarah E. Watson's bible
needs to find its way home! 
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If you are interested in having genealogy research done in Wayne and/or Washtenaw Counties, please contact Elaine Lovelace. Elaine has access to many of the main libraries in these area.

Elaine can also visit cemeteries for these counties to take gravestone pictures.

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Cartoon of family tree

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